Arabic to English Translation

Amel Abdullah is an experienced translator and native speaker of English who is skilled at processing information quickly, researching facts and writing in clear, grammatically correct English.

Languages Translated: Arabic to English

Average Output: 2,000 to 4,000 quality words per day

Areas of interest and specialization include:
News, current events, politics, education, religion and culture, with a focus on Islam and the Middle East

Amel is especially skilled at translating newspaper/magazine articles and works in close cooperation with a native speaker of Arabic to ensure the accuracy of all translated texts.

Recent and On-going Arabic to English Translation Projects:
  • Cognitive debriefing projects that involve recruiting and interviewing participants in Arabic, translating the interviews to English, and analyzing the responses for linguistic validation purposes;
  • Translation of healthcare materials, including patient questionnaires and QoL instruments;
  • Translated hundreds of on-line discussions written in Egyptian Arabic (more than 150,000 words in 2012);
  • Translated business and marketing materials for the Ministry of Culture and Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Qatar;
  • Translated 300-page novel authored by award-winning Sudanese writer Amir Tag Elsir for the Ministry of Culture in Qatar;
  • Translated nearly 700 articles covering Middle East news and politics for popular news website;
  • Translated a series of Q&A interviews conducted with government officials and ordinary citizens for news agency (audio to text);
  • Translated hundreds of reader comments for Arabic news website (written in Gulf, Egyptian, Iraqi, Yemeni and Levantine dialects);
  • Helped translate and transcribe excerpts from several Arabic-language satellite news programs;
  • Translated subtitles for an Islamic nasheed video that is now broadcast on satellite channels across the Arab world;
  • Researched and translated more than 1,000 historical events for inclusion on Islamic calendar;
  • Translated application materials for university student;
  • Translated marketing materials for Amman-based publisher.