Amel Abdullah is a skilled editor and former teacher of EFL (English as a Foreign Language) who can make your writing shine. She is detail-oriented, disciplined and dedicated to your project.

Amel is…
  • The former managing editor of Our Rising Star, a Seattle-based Muslim family magazine;
  • The editor of five published books and several other book-length manuscripts;
  • An independent editor for numerous publications, organizations, websites, companies and individuals.

Amel has provided in-depth critiques for numerous published and unpublished works, including short stories, plays, cartoons, screenplays, magazine articles, non-fiction books, memoirs, educational materials, academic works and two novels:

Amel has extensive experience in copy editing, content editing and line-by-line proofing. She is a specialist in ESL editing and an expert on matters related to Islam, Arab culture and the Middle East.

    Current and former editing clients include: